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Our Clients

Association Connection provides services to a wide variety of clients, specializing in professional membership associations. Our clients are local, regional, national, and even international.

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Client Testimonials

I have worked with Association Connection for more than 7 years, not only as a member of an association they manage, the Ohio Chapter of Meeting Professionals International, but also as a member of Ohio MPI’s board of directors for 5 years including a term as their president. Working with an association that has a continuously changing Board of Directors is always a challenge, but one that Association Connection has always been able to handle with their superior organizational abilities, impressive member care policies and attention to detail. As our chapter has grown and changed Association Connection has been there to assist us with our ever changing needs. I attribute a great deal of the success of Ohio MPI to the professionalism of Association Connection. I have worked with several other MPI Chapters on various projects and have seen how far superior our association management team is. Every request is always met with a positive response and no task is too large or too small. I highly recommend Association Connection for all of your association management needs.

Mary Vlahos

Past President, MPI Ohio Chapter

Sandy Hatmaker and her staff at Association Connection do an amazing job accomplishing a wide range of administrative, creative, and customer service tasks for our organization. Courteous, competent, and professional, they consistently surpass our expectations by providing a high level of quality and thoroughness in all the many things they do for us. I think of them as the central nervous system of our association. Sandy and her team are always available and responsive for whatever we need; I can’t imagine how we would function at the level we do without them.

Beatrice Chestnut

Past President, International Enneagram Association

I have been blessed to be able to work closely with Sandy and Association Connection over the last seven years. The company is one of the most organized and responsive administrative partners that I’ve ever come across. I have recommended their services to several colleagues and will continue to have them as No. 1 on my list of referrals; as I could not imagine a scenario where their partnership would not improve the organization’s overall effectiveness.

Mike Moseley

Past President, MPI Ohio Chapter

The CFA Society of Cincinnati was recognized for their efforts as winner of the 2010 Revitalization Award. The society hired a new administrator, Sandy Hatmaker of Association Connection, in 2008.
The following is an excerpt from this article.

Sandy had an integral role in turning our society around. She is the “face” of our organization, and it is important that the first person our members talk to and see at events makes a positive impression. She has helped professionalize our efforts far beyond her role as our “ambassador”. From helping us to create a website, implement online registration, and upgrade the quality of our society communications, Sandy has done a marvelous job in helping us put our best foot forward for our external stakeholders.
Internally, she has taken over many of the everyday administrative tasks that can (and did) so easily bury our society volunteers. In that sense, she has really freed us to focus on the bigger picture and advance our strategic goals. Although the board articulates the path and most of the action steps to get there, Sandy has the amazing and very valued ability to take initiative and adjust as the situation warrants with very little supervision. As “activist minded” as some members of the board may have been, hiring Sandy was the critical change that allowed us to actually execute our strategic objectives.

Jennifer Trowbridge, CFA and Carey Kruer, CFA

Former Presidents, CFA Society of Cincinnati


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